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November 26, 2021

ABOUT Rage-Gate-wow

Rage-Gate-wow is a World of Warcraft Emulation Server offered to those who wish to play WoW for free. That is to say, this is not an original copy of Blizzard game. All staff members form part of this community as a hobby. Therefore, assistance is according to their disponibility. Discord app is the main social media used to be in contact with the user, so it is suggested one joins it to stay tuned and in better touch. In addition, website changelog is never updated; the real-time game changes are displayed in our discord server. The aim of this project is to make it possible for all people around the globe who for any reason do not opt out for Retail version have such a popular game still at their disposal. Its the small diferences and contributions of these independant developers and projects that make it possible for you to play.

That being said, the availability of this commodity is given to the user. However, some rules have been sent with the purpose of maintaining all members experience as fruitful as possible.


Treat others as you would like to be treated back. In other words, be civil and respectful towards each other. You may make jokes with your friends and with other players as long as they are evidently not getting too carried away up to the point of offending someone. In case there has been a misunderstanding, the penalty given to the offender is not necessarily going to be removed. WE DO NOT ALLOW insults or any kind of destructive message aimed to harass any staff or community member. In addition, "opinionologists" who would rather "say what to do" instead of "showing how to" or collaborate are not tolerated.

COMMUNICATION THROUGH DISCORD: As specified right there:

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