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November 30, 2021, 04:59 pm

Welcome to RageGateWoW Please make an account, then login. Once you are logged in on our site, go to your name and click User Panel. In the User Panel you will see Downloads. Please download all the patches and the exe. file. If you need help doing any of this, please contact us in Discord. We are a 3.3.5, wow server with a newer expansion opening very soon. We have working Pandas, Goblins, Worgens and Vulpera. You may choose any class to be any race. We will have over 30 thousand transmogs, which are obtainable through voting or donating. There is no pay to play here. Simply vote, or if you need it faster, donate. teleporter and mall. Server rates are x7 and double xp on the weekends . you will able to one man any dungeon after level 15. For anything you need in game, please contact us in our Discord channel. Staff memebers are always available there, but not always in game.

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